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Thankful Tuesday! Today our focus is on the one and only Suni! I chose this picture because it embodies who this precious young lady is a true superhero that can dance, sing, and even fly! However, it is her leadership abilities and kind hearted nature that make her a true superhero! MPowered is truly a family with many unique members and we adore each one! Thank you for being a part of MPowered, Suni! We love you!


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“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” – Nikos Kazantzakis
Believe in yourself and have a great week! ‪#‎MotivationalMonday‬


MPowered # Contest

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MPowered Contest this week – the winner will be announced next week at our meeting and must be present to win!

Hopefully you all have noticed the amazing posts that Jordan Ross has been posting on our sites!   I want you guys to expand his amazing work!

Prize – a free one-hour private lesson with me or Chris or Bryan

Here is how the contest works:

To enter the contest, you must post each day according to the theme and # (hashtag to those of us that are new to this) two things at the end. #MPowered-MP and the hashtag of the day.

To win the contest, you must post the most #MPowered-MP posts during the week. The posts have to be MPowered related and appropriate for all ages.


Ideas: You can video a 15 second clip of the rehearsal and post it. You can video you practicing your vocals (in the car or at home – it can be fun and cute). You can video you practicing your dance. Be creative and fun, but also ALWAYS BE APPROPRIATE!!! You can post pics or videos from past shows or rehearsals.


MONDAY POST – Motivation Mondays – spread some positivity via a picture or video, and add the following hashtags:

#MPowered #MP #MPMotivationMon


TUESDAY POST – Thankful Tuesdays – I will be posting on FB, Twitter and instagram each Tuesday (I started it last week) a special thank you featuring one of our MPowered artists or staff members. This week I am going to post about Chris Wilson. You will need to share this post, say 1 thing you are thankful for regarding Chris, and add the following hashtags:

#MPowered #MP #MPThankfulTue


WEDNESDAY POST – Wacky Wednesdays – Post an APPROPRIATE, funny pic or video, and add the following hashtags:

#MPowered #MP #MPWackyWed


THURSDAY POST – Throwback Thursdays – Post a video or pic from a past MPowered event or rehearsal, tell why it was special to you, and add the following hashtags:

#MPowered #MP #MPTBThurs


FRIDAY POST – Freaky Friday – Post an appropriate video or pic describing how your week went, say you are excited for MPowered rehearsal tonight because MPowered accepts & values your freaky uniqueness, and add the following hashtags:

#MPowered #MP #MPFreakyFri