Our Dance Program is designed to help children with custom-built technique classes intended to maximize their individual potential. We give opportunities to improve their skills and deepen their understanding in the art form in a positive, supportive, and comfortable setting that is a safe home-away-from-home. The experienced teaching staff, as well as the talented guest instructors, will inspire students to become enthusiastic, eager to learn and growing.

    The technique classes we offer are Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Hip Hop, and Musical Theatre to name a few. We strongly focus on Repertory and Improv that consist of giving students ideas, movement, and choreography that will help them learn to pick up and retain other artist’s choreography in a quick, sufficient manner as well as build their confident performing skills. Not only that, we focus on the child’s interests and goals that can help their personal growth as a dancer (Competitive or Non-Competitive). Our program will help expand their knowledge in dance while enjoying a fun learning environment.

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