We offer private vocal sessions in increments of 30 minutes or 1 hour focusing on any genre, and is open to all ages.

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A little more about Little Entertainment’s Vocal Program:

Bel Canto is the Italian word meaning “beautiful singing.”

The Bel Canto technique originates in the days of Italian opera where control and the tone quality of the voice were paramount.   The practitioners of Bel Canto used specific techniques in producing the voice that resulted in resonance and purity of tone, consistency of tone across the registers of the voice, a high degree of breath control, excellent projection, and longevity of the voice.

Bel Canto is ALL of the following:

  • a style of singing that originated in Italian opera
  • a way of singing where your voice does not tire, but actually gets stronger over the course of a performance, tour, etc.
  • a natural way of singing that “makes sense” as it is rooted in simple physical and physiological principles
  • has four key components – the lift of the throat, the mask of the face, the inhalation of the voice, and the hold of the breath

should appear as effortless as speaking – it does not strain the voice in any way – getting vocal nodes is highly unlikely, if you are properly using the technique!

Singing must be mastered internally, which requires a knowledgeable and experienced coach who not only knows how to produce the correct technique themself, but also one that can successfully train their student to do the same!

Stefani has been perfecting her unique version of the tried and true Bel Canto Technique for over 25 years. Her commanding performances nation-wide have gained her the title of “The Voice.”

With seven Grammy Considerations of her own, numerous major television appearances, and worldwide performances, it is no wonder that she and her students have seen many successes! In 1996, Stefani began her coaching career by mentoring a three-year-old prodigy. With Stefani’s training and industry guidance, she was able to secure performances at the Texas Rangers Baseball Games, Dallas Cowboys Football games, entertain General Colin Powell, perform on all the top major nation-wide network television shows, and many other venues. Over the past nineteen years, Stefani has helped thousands of other artists reach the next level of their success!

Choosing a vocal coach is critical and Stefani hand chooses all of the coaches at Little Entertainment based upon their own ability to sing and perform, their passion for their craft, as well as their ability to effectively work with all ages of artists!

The heart of Little Entertainment’s vocal program is centered around creating a unique program to fit each artist’s needs and ensure that they are progressing in the specific areas that will have the most impact on their natural talents. Our coaches immediately focus on properly taking care of the artist’s voice by learning to master the following vocal :

Expanding the range through stretching.

Learning proper placement to develop good tone.

Adopting smart vocal hygiene to avoid injury.

Perfecting breathing exercises and techniques to increase range, tone and stamina.

Learning to use the diaphragm to it’s fullest capability.

Developing vocal agility.

Learning how and when to use head voice, belting voice, or a mixed voice.

Developing signature vocal moves.

Learning to connect with the audience.

Developing a commanding stage presence.

And many more techniques!

Combine all that training by the top coaches who care about each artist with the most performance opportunities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and you have THE winning combination!